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TSA and the City of Sacramento try to protect the public from a hero

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One comment

  1. Protest this outrage by contacting the Federal Security Director at SMF. Her address is 4540 Duckhorn Drive, Suite 200, Sacramento, CA 95834. 916-830-0255

    Decorated heroes are entitled by TSA code to “curb to gate” escort and special courtesy. SMF said that he did not call ahead for this which is the wimpiest excuse in the world. SMF is out of control, and I have been following this airport for a while. Corporal Kemnitz can also file a complaint with the disabilities unit of the TSA, and indeed, as a Marine and a patriot, he knows that something cannot be fixed until someone in power knows that it’s broken and cares enough to get it fixed. He should also file a complaint with the US Department of Justice under Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504 since the L3 machine that he could not use returns a 100% false positive reading (according to publications by the German Government) for all people with disabilities. This calls into question the legality of using that machine under ADA – but of course TSA considers the rest of Federal law nothing but annoying since they consider that they are above all of it including sexual assault, child pornography, and many other crimes that would land the common citizen in prison for a very long time.

    It is only through a dedicated stream of complaints and filings that we will get any attention for this out of control airport. Obviously Bob Hope did it right, and it’s just Sacramento that is out of control. I have flown out of dozens of other airports and never had a problem, but SMF torments me every single time I go through there. And I am not alone. SMF torments and abuses all disabled people who go through that airport, and I have yet to hear an exception in all the time I have been monitoring that airport.

    Help us out, Mr. Kemnitz. We need you.