The Failure of Mass Immigration

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  • This is very well put. It is fabulously popular to call someone a racist and frankly I hate being called a racist – because it isn’t true. I lived in Denver CO for many years and the cultural difference of the newly arrived nMexicans are very apparent. I have America friends of Mexican desent. They are Americans by several generation. Yes they have certain cultural differences but minor and actually quite enjoyable differences.

    But newly imegrated Mexican bring with them major cultural differences that do generate friction! It isn’t racism but cultrualism that creates the friction! The very isolation and separatism the article speaks of.

    It always amazes me how that a person or a people want so badly to leave their homeland for someplace new and allegedly “better” and then spend a great deal of effort making the new place just like the old place.

    I have some great American friends who are of Mexican desent – and they have just as much trouble with the “wet-back” Mexicans! That isn’t a racial slur! It refers to the fact that they got wet crossing the Rio Grande! So get over it!