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The Democratic Party Is No More

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  1. Always good to discover a new web page this good! I will be back for specified.

  2. Chris, know exactly where you’re coming from on this…suspect we aren’t the only ones

  3. I cannot help laughing that you think that it is only this generation’s democratic party that is socialist.
    The Democrats have allied with socialists, Labor(Socialist) and other left wing idealogical groups since before Woodrow Wilson. FDR ignored socialists and marxists being in his administration — or he knew they were there and did nothing. Sounds quite a lot like barry s.(aka bho)- David Bell–Katy, Tx.

    • Hi David, I read the history of Socialism in America, I know it has been around many years, but in my lifetime I have never seen it as clear as with this president, yet more than half the country seems not to care. It baffles my mind.

      • I agree with your assessment — I was pointing out that starting essentially with Wilson and especially FDR, socialism gained a foothold. Perhaps even more important was the promotion of progressivism. Teddy was a Progressive and formed his own party. Further: the implementation of a plank of the communist manifesto(16th) provided the mechanism to level society through taxation and fund the American version of bureaucratic socialism. It is, to me, an unstoppable leviathan and will require a vast refusal to send money to Washington or an insurrection to resolve it. – David