Sequestration delivers biggest budget surplus on record refuting dems claims

By | July 11, 2013

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3 thoughts on “Sequestration delivers biggest budget surplus on record refuting dems claims

  1. Zbigniew Mazurak

    Sequestration itself has delivered very little in savings, but what it HAS managed to do is to begin gutting the US military – as I have warned countless times, over and over again, here, on my blog, in the Virginia Business magazine, and elsewhere – and as three consecutive Secretaries of Defense, the Deputy SECDEF, all of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, other generals and admirals (currently serving and retired), and countless analysts from all not-leftist think-tanks (CSBA, CSIS, AEI, HF) have warned.

    Let’s not celebrate sequestration. There is nothing about it to celebrate.

  2. sJ

    Sequestration put a drag on growth. Increased revenues is mainly the reason for this. If sequestration were repealed and thoughtful cuts were made instead of across the board dumb cuts, people could spend more. Sequestration just hurts the poor and contracts the economy and causes personal income loss. If we had a jobs bill and infrastructure repair, that would help much more. You cannot cut your way to prosperity. Austerity is wrong wrong wrong.

    1. Derrell Poole

      Yeah, it’s kinda like slamming on the brakes when going into a car wreck; you reduce speed a tiny bit and thereby reduce a little tiny bit of damage but in the end it is still a car wreck! And who can tell the difference that “speed reduction” made?

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