Pew proves that illegals really do lean left

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4 thoughts on “Pew proves that illegals really do lean left

  1. Frost

    Of course they do. The liberals will cater to everything they demand all to get that vote in 2016. We, conservatives, want the illegal immigration problem fixed. That’s not going to resonate with illegal immigrants nor those who support illegal immigration!

  2. jan brown

    Well, of course they are…as any child subjected to a custody battle can tell you..choose the parent that gives the best treats & least discipline … It’s like Halloween trick or treat 365 nights a year. Just knock on the door & get your goodie bag full to include directions to the nearest social service office!! And unless you & I can get others of like mind to become motivated to ‘take charge’ in 2014, it’ll just get worse.
    I ‘heard’ the Boehner & Ryan are working on an ‘agreement’ with old Harry on the Bill that the House will vote on. ??? Guess it’s true “Good old Boys will be goo old boys”

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