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2 thoughts on “Payback For The 1960’s

  1. jan brown

    Well, that was depressing enough. This is truly one time I’d love to disagree…but can’t….We have solidly divided our precious country into ‘teams’.
    We have the Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians & those wanting to form yet another team with all vying for a single trophy….Too bad we can’t just skip the brackets and take the best from each & have AMERICA’S TEAM to lead the plays to victory….but as long as team is replaced with ‘me & I” nothing like this will never happen….so(groan) back to reality…. speaking of reality about the Liberals ‘helping’ the poor. Ain’ta happening…they’re are just power grabbing & making the poor forever dependent on others

  2. Jerry T

    I agree completely Chris. The likes of Jackson, Sharpton and others like them will never allow for any positive direction to free their slaves ever. It has become their Plantation now. It is the fertile ground that offers them a big profit to line their pockets. The press would never allow it because of the constant story lines strife with the racism to stoke future fires. Without minority demise we would never have the batch of completely quacked out nut job liberal women in congress like Maxine Waters and Corine Brown. We will never get the Goodnights or the Walton wisdom until we can all say Goodbye to Obama.

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