Obama vows to defeat all government spending cuts “for the people”

By | July 29, 2013

President Obama has, through the Whitehouse  press, promised to veto any spending cuts that come out of Congress.

The President relayed that he will not accept federal spending cuts just to soften the blow to defense spending.

Obama forgot to mention that the department of defense doesn’t fund itself – the American people do that. That means that if the President vetoes any spending cut, he is forcing Congress to raise taxes. Afterall, if what the feds must spend goes up, they will need more money from the middle-class – those that fund the government by a large margin.

While the Whitehouse tries to portray the veto as “keeping money from the troops” which also should cause outcry, but it won’t. the real victims are those of us tired of seeing that huge amount taken from our paycheck. The government didn’t make that sale, bring in that prospect, or otherwise deserve that much of our pay. Perhaps, if it were doing less,. it wouldn’t be so broke.

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One thought on “Obama vows to defeat all government spending cuts “for the people”

  1. jan brown

    “for the people” WHICH people? Perhaps it’s for these appointees: ARIF ALIKHAN -Ass’t Secy of policy development in Homeland Security, MOHAMMED ELIBIARY HLS Advisor .RASHAD HUSSAIN- Special’ Envoy to the Organization of Islamic Conference. SALAMA-MARAYTIObma akisor &founder f the Muslim Public Affairs Council (& XO) IMAM MOHAMMED MAGID- Sharia a from the Islamic Society of North America andle’s not forget EBOO PATEL fro the Faith Based Council… Are these te people he’s acting for?

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