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Michelle Fields is completely wrong on amnesty and Latinos

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  2. I agree with what I see as the basic premises of your article. However….I do not see a clear distinction between …LEGAL and ILLEGAL. There is a vast difference….The ‘legal’ immigrants have already ‘earned’ a right/privilege of being here….the ILlegal broke/disrespected our laws & are guilty of ILLEGAL TRESPASSING, at the least.

    The OTMs (other than Mexican)are the real danger to our Nation….they mean to kill or control…in the name of their allah.

    Illegal crossings down? Not hardly!! Rio Grande Region in SE Tx has 9 Border Stations..ONE, just one, in Falfurias has aappehended est. 9000 since January of 2013…UP considerably from 2012. Of those almost 30% were OTM’s. Almost all were carrying drugs as payment of passage to the cartels. So far this year in that region, alone 8 bodies of those that ‘couldn’t make’ it have been found.

    We lock the doors to our houses & cars to block out Unwanted…Is not our Country due the same respect?

    AMNESTY forgives Crime & invites invasion of our home
    ENFORCEMENT of LAW prevents crime.

    • Zbigniew Mazurak

      Sorry, Jan, but you’re wrong. Legal immigration is no better than illegal immigration.

      There is NO “right” to live in the US. It’s a PRIVILEGE that the US may dispense as it sees fit.

      Massive immigration, both legal and illegal, but mostly legal, has turned California into such a liberal state that no Republican can be elected statewide in CA anymore, not even a bright successful entrepreneur previously never involved in politics like Meg Whitman. Californians by overwhelming margins prefer Governor Moonbeam and Babsy Boxer.

      The same now applies to New Mexico. Like California, it’s permanently lost.

      Nevada, Colorado, Florida, and Virginia have not voted Republican since 2004. Only Texas and Arizona remain secure – for now.

      When Texas goes, America goes.

      And who are the vast majority of “legal” immigrants coming into the US? Uneducated, low-skilled people who can only do simple jobs or go on welfare. America’s current “legal immigration” system favors uneducated relatives of US citizens over skilled, well-educated, fluent-in-English foreigners like those foreign students who have to leave the US after graduating from American universities.

      Essentially, this country is saying, through its immigration laws, “Sorry, German scientists and Swedish doctors, but we don’t need you; we prefer to import entire villages of illiterate Mexicans, Afghans, and Syrians.”

      America doesn’t need any more legal immigrants, except those who are well educated, highly-skilled, fluent in English, and would make significant contributions to the economy, the treasury, and the society.

      • My computer keeps flipping out so can’t seem to get a full response in. But if you will look at the Immigration LAWs you will find a ‘rule book’ that IF followed & IF ENFORCED will provide the balance required. I live in Texas & have devoted over a decade addressing this problem. I appreciate that you bring up the subject as it needs to be addressed. I share the frustrations & even anger that ‘our’ government allows this invasion with little or no regard for law & force American Citizens living on the Border to live in fear & not freedom. But we must not fall into the trap of a cookie cutter approach. There is a vast difference between Legal & Illegal….

  3. Bravo, Zbigniew! Bravo!

    I voted for McCain (puke) and Romney over the last two elections. Actually I voted against Obie in the last two elections and those two candidates happened to be the most promising (strictly in terms of defeating him) options. I have in the past resented the Tea Party and I’ve never considered the Libertarian Party. But both look much more like ME than the republicans do these days. The GOP has one last chance to get back to the grassroots or it is done – so far as I am concerned. The GOP leadership needs to stop being STUPID!!! Get rid of your Gonzo Logic or just SHUT-UP forever! Your are neither warm nor cold – I shall spit you out!

    A mad, almost X, Republican

    • Zbigniew Mazurak

      Thanks, Derrell! Yes, the RINOs are really despicable. They have sold the American working class to their corporate sugar daddies. Over the last 27 years, on immigration and on “free trade”, EACH TIME when the GOP had to choose between loyalty to working class Americans and loyalty to its corporate sponsors, it chose its corporate backers. Each time in the last 27 years the GOP chose Corporate America and K Street over working class Americans.