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Logical Fallacies and AGW Alarmism

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  1. jan brown says:

    One day that bandwagon of sound byte parrots will fall apart and they’ll have to fly on their own…if they can…Perhaps all the flapping wings will help clear the air, assuming of course, their emissions aren’t too great….

    I often find that when attacks become personal, it is quite often the lack of conviction in ‘their’ own opinion. Add in a title for no reason indicates a feeling steeped in insecurity… (I’ve do believe I’ve seen similar post on this site) It can be a way of saying……”I have absolutely nothing to offer, but I want attention too.”

    Tsk Tsk…just add them to your prayer list & keep up the good work!!

  2. Derrell Poole says:

    Mr. Larson, I enjoy your depth and insight!

    And I’m getting awful sick of “experts” whos’ primary motivations are their ego. When an expert ignores my arguments in a debate I interpret it as demeaning to me personally – not worthy of “their” focus – while at the same time a perceived opportunity to elevate themselves at my expense.

    Wasn’t it “the Pride of Man” that the Bible described as the first sin? First man thought to be like God – then he disobeyed!