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“I inhaled”… Apparently, He Never Stopped!

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  1. jan brown says:

    And he continues to inhale…..Denial appears his form of survival,…that and ‘ignore it & it’ll go away….or is it “I gottcha & not a damn thing you can do to stop me.”……

    What’s that expression? “Fool me once, it’s on you, Fool me twice it’s on me” …Well, it now on us!! What is probably even more upsetting is the fact that all around about 90% of people groan & moan & gripe ‘to the choir’ & then go about their way. Leaving 10% to do all the heavy lifting & urging them to ‘do it faster’….Are we such a cowardly nation that we watch OUR Constitution shredded ! Our Bill of Rights used as a door mat for Government boot to be wiped on!! Have we LOST SELF RESPECT & CONVICTION?….I pray not!!! Every single American CAN do something…just write letters & VET candidates yourself for starters…If that comfort zone isn’t worth fighting for…you don’t need it!!

    There are some of your neighbors doing all they can & they need your help. Please Please, those of you that have hesitated, JOIN in the fight to KEEP OUR COUNTRY….we don’t want to wake up & find ourselves like Egypt.