Egyptians depose their dictator: When will America depose ours?

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  • The similarities of Egypt, Turkey & the like to the United States are pretty chilling when you stop to think. Remember, while ‘just a candidate’ Obama disparaged the Rule Book that has guided us from the beginning. He said our beloved Constitution was outdated…not appropriate for today’s ‘world’…YES! Rebellion could, indeed, fill our streets with violent resistance…The ,so far, peaceful marches/protesters in our Capital have indicated our dissatisfaction….and, by the Grace of God, we have a chance to ‘walk the walk’ & not just talk in 2014. The benchwarmers & whiners must get INVOLVED. We need every American to go to the poles AFTER we fully check out new candidates & incumbents!! Then we need to roll up our sleeves & put on walking shoes & hit the streets….We can use this ‘document’ that Obama thinks so little of against him!!!

    Because, Josh, it is ‘when’ not ‘if’. We can get ahead of it if all do their part