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Charity, Economics, And The Bible

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  1. Hi Jan!
    You’re very welcome! I’m so glad that you like the post. And, yes, this post, as well as those like it, hopefully, will serve as a good resource to point to when people try using our faith as a way to advocate for Socialism.

    In regards to these Christians, who believe that Socialism is giving in a Christ-like manner, there is not one place in The Bible that I can find where Christ says to go to your Government and have them use FORCE to make you give to this cause or that cause.

    I am not questioning that many of their hearts aren’t in the right place, but I do question where their heads are. No person, including Christians, have a right to use FORCE, via Government, as a way to make us be charitable.

    • I am in agreement with you. What I meant, is that ‘because’ of all we face, we tend to turn a blind eye to the foe among us, send our attention elsewhere….because it’s easier to believe & combat that that doesn’t involve ‘our own kind’ Hope that say it better.

      Can we look forward to more from you….

      • The body of Christ should not be divided; but, when one sect uses political FORCE in order to make another sect comply with it’s will, then, naturally, it will cause disunity.

        Yes, you are exactly right Jan: There are, sadly, wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  2. Mark, thanks to you (& Kori) for this piece. Your research has given me a greater understanding and has added to my ability cache when ‘attempting’ to explain my position beyond the ‘charity begins at home’ or that giving doesn’t consist of slicing the pie in equal slice.

    I believe that the Christians who believe in the ‘socialistic’ manner of giving are for the most part, are good people of faith, regardless of denomination….We have so many obvious, visual ‘enemies’ to contend with that are so much easier to address than those we share so much with. We tend to ‘overlook’ the frays in our own coat.