American Exceptionalism

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  • Yes, L.E., we let them down, worse yet, we let ourselves down. Catch up is a lot more difficult, but we can IF we EXPECT to.. Only High Expectations will produce Exceptionalism. We must demand more from political figures (and ourselves) if we are to win this game.

  • “We the People” have let down our Founders and Ronald Reagan by allowing government to grow to the point of total incompetence. The only thing it excels at is obtrusiveness. It is to bad that nobody listen when Reagan said “Government is not the solution, it’s the problem”. On Independence Day every literate person in this country should read the Declaration of Independence, it just might give them some insight has to how far we have deviated from what this country was founded on. Our God given rights are being trampled on everyday by what was once considered the “servants of the people”, that now consider themselves the “ruling class”. God Bless America!