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Iconic 9/11 photo almost excluded from 9/11 museum

The famous picture of threee firemen raising the American flag fron the ashes of 9/11 was nearly excluded fromt he 9/11 museum because it was “too rah-rah American.” Michael Shulan,museum creative director and a few others on the committee considered the photo too “rah -rah and too kitschy.” “I really believe that the way America will look best, the way we can really do best, is to not be Americans so vigilantly and so vehemently,” Shulan said. Eventually, chief curator Jan Ramirez proposed a compromise. The Franklin shot was minimized in favor of three different photos via three different angles of the flag-raising scene.

This is political correctness run amok once again and bowing to pressure from outside groups. We have always been a country that people from other countries came to better themselves and assimilate to our culture.That’s not true anymore as we have bent over backwards to appease too many cultures in the name of diversity mostly muslims and mexicans and other third world ccountries coming here that people coming here now are finding we are the same as the country they left. This is insane. Nothing is too rah rah American for me. Millions of our brave men and women fought and died for our America and the 9/11 photo to me represents what America is all about. No matter what happens America will always rise fron the ashes.

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Check out country singer Toby Keith with our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan doing his “rah-rah American “song “Courtesy of the red,white  an blue (the angry American)” which I can”t get enough of :)   Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue (The Angry American) – YouTube

Also check out the most  excellent slide show to Toby’s song illustrating it. Both these videos send chills of patriotism thru you. ;)

toby keith courtesy of the red white and blue – YouTube

SHOCK: Iconic Ground Zero photo was nearly excluded from museum for being too ‘rah-rah’ American…

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  1. “…not be Americans so vigilantly and so vehemently”? Who the hell is this guy? Does he want Americans to be more French? African? Or simply of no nationality? Ignorance.

    • JR, I hope you mean Michael Shulman the Creative Director of the museum who made that statement and not attributing it to the author of this post.

      Jim Clayton (author) is as American as apple pie & up to his elbows in efforts to inform & motivate others to stand strong for the liberties found only in our great nation.