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White House Petition Calls for Ban on Creation Science, Intelligent Design Education in Schools

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  1. In a very practical sense Theoretical Science is as much a religion as any other; it even involves a certain amount of faith. I’ll tell you that I find more evidence in the world – the physical earth – to support evolution than creationism. But then I don’t have faith in any God (having tried that off and on most of my life).

    Having stated my position on the details this isn’t about the details. I don’t care what you believe. I care that you have the right to believe it. I also care about real balance in what our children are taught and most importantly that they are offered an opportunity to learn to think for themselves. Our Nation, our world, is based on polarities and contrasts. Let there be light. Let there be darkness. Let us experience both so that we may understand each. If you remove Creation from the class then you must also remove evolution from the class but to remove either or both is to deny our children the opportunity to think for themselves. Censorship is contrary to our culture and a violation of our individual rights. God Himself gave man the choice to choose between Him and his own pride! Are we now Gods to decide who knows what?

    And finally this; none of us were “there” at the beginning! Christians believe they have a witness in their hearts and scientists believe that have the wisdom of a few hundred years of investigation. Down thru the centuries components of Christian theory has been debunked (and consequently modified to fit the facts) over and over but Science is on an almost continual reset of what we “know”! Like global warming for instance. Each of us must find answers to our own convictions and balance that with the same respect for the rights of others to think and believe as they wish as we expect for ourselves. Christians decry the new religions of the world, which set out to do exactly the same thing they set out to do 2000 years ago – change the world. Who is better?

    I stand with the Christians as allies to my determination to protect my individual rights. I must protect theirs in kind! The New World Order is my enemy because it entices to enslave US! Those people who wish to destroy the beliefs of others, by whatever means, are the true evil of the world!

  2. Please don’t say “Creation Science.” That’s like saying “Religious Atheist.”

    • Actually Jon, many of the great contributions to science in the world have been made by great men of faith. Isaac Newton, Galileo, Plank, Gregor Mendal. Mendal’s research on genetics in his plant crossing experiments proves that differentiation is due to genes not mutations as Darwin foresaw. You’re two wrapped up on the definition of the word science. In the past it was used as the search for truth and encompassed the intellectual disciplines of philosophy and religion as well. Read God’s Philosophers by James Hannam.

      • That’s true, and when those scientists made discoveries they altered their world view accordingly. Suggesting Creation Science be put in text books and taught in schools would be like advocating that the sun revolves around the Earth as an alternate theory.

  3. The end result of such a blatent attempt at our heritage is brute force and conformity! Now is the time to push back with the TRUTH but like all unreasoning humans who will deny us of our belief system or worldview. Their woldview is conformity and denial of all that is good and right and honorable and noble. They believe in privlage for a few and enslavement or a shortened life for the masses. It is a belief system of entitlement that denies our Spiritual self and only believes in the here and now and what’s in it for me. That is their right under our system of government and that is a choice not law enforcible by force! May the GOD I worship open the hearts and minds and may his HOLY SPIRIT come upon a.j. and all who worship the state and self.

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