Was Paula Deen Set Up?

By | June 27, 2013

When I first heard about Paula Deen using the N’ word I thought something wasn’t right. Then when I saw the liberal media pounding her and all these products pulling out from her I knew something was up. First of all this comment by her was made some 30 years ago when she had a customer put a gun to her head and she used it in a deposition after the guy had been caught. Fast forward to today when she recently made a comment to a friend about having a plantation party with black servants. Big Deal. So what??? The PC police are at it again with the constant barrage of the liberal media and Obama Administration’s war against the rich and conservatives.

We are all familiar with how the NSA and IRS are spying and monitoring conservatives and this fits right in with that pattern. Paula Deen is a southern conservative woman with good conservative values. The Obama administration hates that and everything America stands for as well as America’s wealth. He wants to redistribute America’s wealth and take it from people who worked hard for it and give it to people sitting on their fat rear ends with their hands out looking for free stuff. Someone in the IRS must have gone into Deen’s past and found this remark and used it against her. Now all these major companies that supported her are dropping out thus destroying her reputation and redistributing her wealth.

When Matt Lauer interviewed her he was a bit too rough on her I thought. As she said and I’m paraphrasing, ”Those who are without sin cast the first stone.” She also said “who hasn’t said something they later regretted?” She also told Matt that she has chastised young people who work for her for using that kind of language in the work place. Besides 30 years ago using that word was common in children’s games when selecting who would be ”it.” Black people call each other that all the time and you hear it on rap records constantly without complaint from the media. Travon Martin referred to George Zimmerman as that in his call to his girlfriend who is now testifying. If we’re going to go down that route where were all the feminists calling for Bill Mahr’s resignation and sponsors pulling out of his show when he called Sarah Palin the ’T’ word and ‘C’ word on his show?

Yes Paula Deen is being set up. Who’s next?

See Paula Deen’s interview with Matt LauIer below.

Paula Deen Talks to Matt Lauer, As One More “Sinned” Against Than Sinning | TI

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2 thoughts on “Was Paula Deen Set Up?

  1. Shirley Tate

    Why have they set her up if that comment was made 30 yrs ago? Was it her competition? Is this the Government? God Bless America!

    1. Jim Clayton Post author

      Yes as I mentioned I think this is part of the government under Obama to get rid of the rich and conservatives.They had the NSA look into her background and found this comment and blew it out of proportion so all her backers react negatively and pull out.I beieive she is only the first now with the NSA spying on all of us in phone calls,e-mails and other social media. This is all part of Obama’s transforming of America into a socialist state. Who’s going to be next?

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