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Untangling the web of NSA, Snowden, and PRISM

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About Liz Harrison (twitter: @GoldwaterGal)

Liz is a mostly-retired veteran political campaign worker, wife, mom, opinionated gal, fiscal conservative, anti-social-conservative, atheist, and foreign affairs/Mid-East politics junkie.


  1. There is always the probability that Snowden is actually a distraction tactic by the current administration to take some heat off of the ongoing scandal investigations. I think the depth of the NSA/Prism alligations will turn out to be inversely proportionate to just how “badly” the government agencies has been wounded if this is indeed an orchestration of distraction!

    I agree that what we should focus on is the actual infringement upon our rights to privacey and the reiteration of our Constitution in their Face! If Snowden is who he says he is then he is a National Hero. If not, it doesn’t matter except that it is just one more Lie we are expected to swallow like good little mindless atomitons! I maintain very serious doubts about the Newtown event too – Obie loving Snopes not withstanding!!!

    I value freedom over security. They have failed miserably to protect us anyway – again deliberately! Why? To sell their agenda to take from us ALL of our freedom in the name of security!

    We need to stop it!

    To the NSA Puke Spying on me – please check my spelling and email me the corrections – thanks!

  2. You nailed it Liz! Great, must read!

  3. These are all the questions I keep asking on my radio show: How can someone with a GED, but NO college degree get into the CIA and become what Snowden says he is? Is it that easy to join intelligence? If so, we are in trouble and that explains why terrorists can bomb our streets so easily.

    My other question: Is this an attention-seeker? Traitor can only be proved if we get evidence he is working with enemies, but is this espionage? I can’t make that claim without evidence. But if anything this guy, whoever he is, demonstrated that government is spending too much time gathering too much data on 300 million civilians versus weeding out terrorists and stopping them before they bomb.

    You also pose the question I have about Obamacare kicking in and other bills enacted: If someone like me, who refuses to comply with Obamacare, what will government do, how will it react? I have the right to say no to mandated government insurance, and I will, as will many others. What will be the penalty if our records show we refuse?

    Whoever this Snowden guy is–honest? Hero? Traitor? Attention-Seeker? Conspiracy theorist?– what we the people must do is ask why government is gathering TOO much data that it is no doubt impossible to weed through in order to stop terror. Government has expanded so far, it’s NOT able to protect us from threats, yet, it is allowing agencies like the IRS to treat innocent people as threats.

    However this plays out, Americans need to question our government’ unconstitutional actions and expansive power that overreached us.

    • Eric Bolling talked to Snowden’s dad over the weekend, and apparently at least a few questions about him were answered, most notably about his education. I have to verify a couple things, but if they were in Pennsylvania, as the dad is now, I understand how he ended up with the GED. Snowden fell in the middle, between the old standards when I went to school, and the radical increase in cyber-schools here. If he got sick, as his dad stated, I can see a legitimate reason why he ended up with a GED – that was essentially what would happen to students that fell behind due to illness, and didn’t want to give up a full year, and graduate a year later. I’ll end up addressing that in another piece, after I view that entire interview.