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Obama: Deaf Dumb And Blind

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  1. This is a tough one Chris but easily solvable with 3 to 4 seconds of logic

    When Osama got taken out you knew every detail down to a pubic hair. If we didn’t they made damn sure they told us. They may have dragged him off a golf course kicking and screaming but by days end he was going to be a wild west hero, a stone cold killer of evil. Fast and Furious, Benghazi, and the IRS. Shulman, Obamas man has 157 visits to the White House and Wyatt Earp turns into the Village Idiot. What needs to be done is to sit Mr. Obama in front of congress and stick a teleprompter in front of him. Ask him the questions and flash “yes” into the teleprompter. That is the only way to get the truth from a Puppet.

    They screwed up when they scripted Obama as the mighty dragon slayer with Osama then a wilting fool of a leader picturesque of three monkeys, deaf dumb and blind on the scandals. His head is in a freezer and his ass is in an oven but on average he’s not OK. That won’t work. Chris the World knows that Obama knew this and more than likely approved it from day one. you weaken any structure enough and it will eventually fall.

  2. Holder will not leave until the brat leaves. If the DOJ is lost to the Marxists, the entire house of cards is in jeopardy. Ergo, Holder remains in office to cover the brat’s posterior and that of Valarie Jarrett.