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NBA Finals Brings Out The Racists!

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  1. I am a legal resident from Glasgow, Scotland. Even though my husband held a clearance in the Sub Fleet in U.S. Navy, we had to go through a long battle with Immigration to bring the family to the States. I am appaulled that this country is bending over backwards to the illegal hispanics here. They have more rights than the U.S. citizens living here. Both sides are using the illegals, whether for votes or cheap labor (killing the middle class). From what my husband taught me of world history, when he was taking classes at the U of Arizona, we are now on a tipping point, just like all the other world powers that fell from corruption and greed. Watch out Congress and the current administration. The French Revolution is coming and the American people aren’t going to use the guiollotine. NSA, did you get that? Ex-Arizona governor, are you listening? The time is near and you still have your heads stuck in the sand. My husband told me about Kent and the four people shot there. If that happens again, it won’t be just the young people on the mall.