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2 thoughts on “More Suspicious Activity in Boston

  1. Jan Brown

    Thanks for update…it’s ‘curious,’n curiouser’ to say the least. Events like this and the deserted SUV w/o a license plate in the middle of Brooklyn Bridge, the unexplained explosions, train wrecks paint a picture that is starting to make me a tad paranoid….And our DLS Non-competento doesn’t help a single bit!!…..Think 2014 !! Take the Senate & we can at least throw a kink in this anti-American Administration.

  2. L.E. Liesner

    Makes you wonder who’s more of a danger to the American people, the terrorist or those that are suppose to protect us but refuse to admit that there are terrorist in this country. Politicial correctness is destroying our country, common sense is a thing of the past.

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