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Killing Freedom

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Lisa Richards is a life-long Conservative Republican with a capital "C," fighting leftist progressivism like a hyped-up hormonal verbal paper-shredder on over-drive. A writer of politics and history, Richards believes in upholding an defending the Constitution and American Exceptionalism without apologies. Lisa Richards Holds a Bachelors of Science in Political Science from Sacred Heart University. She resides in her native state of Connecticut with her family and an assortment of rescued animals


  1. I’ve already said no to Obamacare. And to the government: I’m one redhead who looks fabulous in orange and would only wind up recruiting convicts to conservatism.

    Everyone needs to get some guts and say no. I’ll pay by cash or find my own insurance provider. It’s time Americans get it through their heads that a government can only have powers beyond its limits if we let them and we lock-step like “Animal Farm” sheep.

    Would you set your child on fire or hurl your child off a cliff if the government demanded you do it, or stand up and say “don’t touch my child, I’ll fight you, even if I have to die fighting you.”

    Are we Nazi-ed Germans or liberated Americans?

  2. Perhaps then, we need to write a New Letter of “Independance” to King Obie Declaring our Independance of HIM! The government watches us because if we really understood that we have the power AND the might to strike down an Unconstitutional Federal Government they would be in a world of _! They watch us because they fear us!

    Imagine a Nation of free Americans who stand up and say NO! to Obamacare. Who say No to illegal National Police forces! Who say No to an illegal Tax Agencey that is no more than a tool to blackmail individual rights – the Internal Revenue Service. Who say NO! to the socialist agenda being shoved down our throats. WE are the fourth branch of Government. And if we would only realize it WE are the most powerful of all!

    It is no longer enough (it never was, actually) to just vote. If we are not actively communicating with our legislators and demanding justice and Constitutional Law to be upheld then we have no business complaining about governement; bend over, grab your ankles, and receive what you deserve!!

    To the NSA Puke Spying on me – please check my spelling and email me the corrections – be of some respectable USE!!