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Is secession our only hope?

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  1. jan brown says:

    Well, Chris, very thought provoking to say the least. I in SW Texas & have ‘heard’ talk but hadn’t given it much thought at a possibility. I looked at the TNM site…..most interesting. I, like others & the Tea Parties, have concentrated on ‘restoration’ as it is extremely difficult to ‘give up & give away’ something you’ve treasured for a lifetime & something that so many sacrifices have been made to keep…..BUT while I check this out some more…Remember the Alamo!

  2. Mike Bushman says:

    I believe a meaningful secession drive in the Southwest may be just over a generation away, but it may not be the secession drive you’re contemplating. America has been re-segregating for the past 20 years. As that re-segregation continues following the current trend, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and South California will become substantial majority Latino states. If these states follow trends in other nations where minority populations have been concentrated and segregated, political leaders will rise to advocate Hispanic superiority agendas. In the last half of the 20th century, 127 civil wars were fought around the world in which 17 million people died as a result of divides. I fear our melting pot is reaching a boiling point. If we aren’t careful to refocus on a common language and elements of common culture, we risk being divided by exploitative political leaders (this may sound familiar). I wrote two novels, “Melting Point 2040″ and “Secession 2041″ to explore the consequences of our current direction.