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Is God Trying To Send Us A Message

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  1. You are right on target Chris. I grew up in Quincy Massachusetts and often passed the church where John Adams and John Quincy Adams are buried. Much of our early history happened upon the dirt that I walked on in my youth. Our church’s then were very much a part of how we were raised. It is not like that today because many of the information and and communication avenues are run by the progressive liberal media. So now we have a nation led by the Antichrist who has surrounded himself with minions. Faith in God is a display of values and virtues. It allows for both hope and discipline in our lives and the lives of our children. Our current leader cannot have that trait in the lives of Americans that he wishes to control through fear and despair. He attacks our ability to thrive, he steals the soul of the family structure and removes the bond between Mother, Father, Son and Daughter. Faith is his enemy and he knows that just as Hitler, Stalin and Mao did. Hope is an Enigma without faith as is the society without God.

  2. I agree Chris, our society has taken a turn downward and it seems to be getting worse. I must admit I don’t know if we can tun it around.