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HHS website targets 10-year-olds with graphic sex talk

HHS website targets 10-year-olds with graphic sex talk

Much to the regret of traditional Americans, our current culture is aimed toward sexualizing children through avenues including prepubescent and age-inappropriate sex “education.”
The normalization of sex acts and perversions thereof through exposure and repetition is having a deleterious effect on the next generation.
Adolescents have unfettered access to abortive medicine. Promiscuousness is glorified, not discouraged, in popular culture. Now, the federal government is joining in the disturbing mission with a Department of Health and Human Services website aimed at young girls.
According to, the site exists “to help girls (ages 10 to 16) learn about health, growing up, and issues they may face.”
Some of those issues include anal sex and the aforementioned “emergency contraceptives.”
The layout of the website, punctuated with colorful graphics, makes it clear the target audience is well short of adulthood. The content, however, belies that facade.
Sex education is an important, but very personal, subject to breach with children. While most on the right feel such delicate conversations should take place between a parent and child, the lunatic leftists in charge of education – and apparently the HHS – think government should be the arbiter of state-approved information.
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  1. Julie H says:

    Isn’t this “sexualization of children” ESPECIALLY an act of molestation/rape in itself?