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14 thoughts on “Glenn Beck: Within 24 hours, news will break that will take down the entire power structure

  1. DavidR

    Why the next 10 days? Why not just go live on it on video and through you Beck? Because if he has something this bad, waiting ANY amount of time, he will be killed. So I will see it when I see it.

  2. me

    ok what is the big breaking news its been 24 hours

  3. mikey

    Is it proof that Justice Roberts was blackmailed into changing his Obamacare vote?

  4. Jeff

    If you have information say it douche bag otherwise shut your saw one document, what was it???
    what a loser this guy is.

    1. wwj745

      He used these photos for a promotional photo that was supposed to be fake crying.

      What did you think, this was some secret leaked video or something!??!

  5. JTwig

    While I enjoy his radio show, Mr. Beck tends to go a little overboard when announcing the impact some of his revilations will have.

  6. Tony

    Yeah…. I’ve about had it with Beck’s “cry wolf” or “sky is falling” stuff myself and have promised myself this time I am going to stop listening to him. We need the TRUTH! Not promises of the truth some day!! I tried to like GB but am concluding he is simply a cheap opportunist…. Well, maybe not cheap but an opportunist non the less.

  7. Lev D. Zilbermints

    I will believe it when I see, read and hear it. Otherwise this sounds like a bunch of hyperbole.

  8. Kauf Buch

    Bla. Bla. Bla.
    Glenn Beck is the Boy Who Cried Wolf.
    Too many times has Beck set the stage for a “dramatic situation,” only to follow up with HO-HUM drivel.

    I’ll believe it when I hear/read/see it.

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