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3 thoughts on “Four think-tanks do sequestration exercise, still gut the military

  1. jan brown

    “Whomever” makes up these ‘think tanks’ are obviously among the mentally impaired. That is, unless, they want to avoid combat & leave the gate to the Fort wide open for the enemy walk right in sans opposition….Perhaps ‘they’ will have use of the 64 DUPLICATE programs in Dept of Education & who knows how many EPA is up to since last week!! Then of course, there is that pesky feeding of illegal invaders rushing our borders…aha yes, we are presenting Putin with the keys to our nukes..

    So where was our thinking when we allowed the McCains, Reids, Shummer, et al remain in government?

    Perhaps we can exchange ‘sequester’ for old fashioned Common Sense…all of this ‘modernization’ mixed with political correctness is our demise.

    1. Zbigniew Mazurak Post author

      Jan, please don’t insult these think-tankers. They simply tried, using CSBA’s program, to find out what would be the best they (or the DOD) could do if sequestration persists (as it likely will). In fact, one of the reasons they did the exercise was to illustrate to the American people and the Congress what the grave consequences of sequestration will be.

      The leaders of the CSIS and AEI teams, Clark Murdock and Tom Donnelly, respectively, even said explicitly that the sequester’s cuts are draconian and that “these will be the consequences of the draconian cuts required by the Budget Control Act.”

      The four think-tanks that participated (CSBA, CSIS, CNAS, AEI) are all either in the center or, in the AEI’s case, on the right of the spectrum. They are not far-left institutions like POGO, PDA, or the CAP.

      1. jan brown

        Z.M. perhaps I was feeling more dismayed, angry & frustrated last week than usual at the way everything is going these days & lost the focus of your post….& gave a knee jerk response. It’s just that I’m just sick when I see how our DOD is treated when they carry such a burden. There seems to be an endless supply of insanity ‘at the top’….& I know we need the ‘thinker’s tanks’ to find our way out. Promise to try & slow it down & absorb your next post in a more balanced frame of mind…

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