Elementary school hosts toy gun buyback

By | June 8, 2013

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2 thoughts on “Elementary school hosts toy gun buyback

  1. Jim Clayton

    This gun control by schools is getting more and more out of control.In one school a sixth grader bit his taco in the shape of a gun and was suspended. In another school kids were pointing fingers as guns and were suspended. Just the other day the parents of a young boy about 8 years old whose name was Hunter were told to change their kid’s name since his name in a hand sign was the shape of a gun. This is gun paranoia and PC out of control.

  2. Jan Brown

    “You’ve got to be kidding!” was my first reaction. Then I saw I was in Southern California & just ‘business as usual’. We must put a BIG sign on the doors of these schools that reads “CLOSED FOR REPAIR” 2014 elections will give us that chance. ALL states effect yours & we can help each other. If your neighbor has a strong candidate, support them! Money is great, but you can write letters for newspapers in that area, get a mailing list & send emails etc. Many would ‘like’ to serve but are up against BIG money machines. ASK, they’ll be happy to get your help. Take this very seriously, your town may be on the ‘list’

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