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3 thoughts on “Barack Obama: The Ghost Of Columbia University

  1. Jan Brown

    Where are the GHOSTBUSTERS when ya need ‘em?

    Bet not many ‘shocked’ by this…

  2. Derrell Poole


    Isn’t that interesting.

    I’m sure most of readers are aware of the Birth Certificate question; the one that apparently uses the term “African American” under the race heading when “Negro” would have been the expected term on an American birth certificate in August of 1961….

    African American is the Politically Correct term for “Negro” many years later.


    This is a Mud-Hut Tyrant who has never had any kind of birth certificate that he didn’t make up!! Columbia U? Yeah right! The dots haven’t needed connecting for a long time as far as I’m concerned!

    Isn’t it just facinating how stupid he thinks we all are? Most of us are, I guess, since he is still in the Whitehouse! This chit just keeps piling up week after week. Is it just that we cannot process it fast enough? Are we so stupid that we think it’s possible he is not directly responsible for all of it?!

    COME ON!!!!! I have no doubt he is directly responsible for ALL of it from Benghazi to the phone records.

    When they finally do come for him with pitchforks and torches I’m gonna be dancing in the streets!!!

  3. Gayle Fransen

    Maybe one of the graduates of the ’83 class still has a program of the graduation buried away somewhere. I would check that for his name.

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