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$5000 penalty for hiring US citizens; $0 penalty for hiring illegals

I am so proud to be from the state of Texas, where Ted Cruz is my Senator!

Unfortunately, his bill was not allowed in.

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  1. I agree Sen Cruz is great for Texas and the USA. with all of the evil which obama, the democrats and the RINO are inflicting on Texas and the USA – why hasn’t Governor Perry demanded that the state legislature initiate paperwork allowing Texas to secede from an evil, corrupt, immoral, ungodly, bankrupt federal government. as long as there are democrats, whether in Texas or the US, Texans and Texas may be forced to live without liberty, without freedom, without constitutional rights – but live under tyranny and communism — examine the mob violence (attitude) during the debate about abortion – mob rule not the rule of law but the rule of man – with more democrats coming to Texas the rule of law will be replaced with the rule of man – tyranny and communism will reign – Texas must secede NOW

  2. “Don’t Mess with Texas” motto revised!!

    Don’t Mess with Texas….We have a Cruz Missle

  3. Why wasn’t his bill let in?