ZoNation: Left-Wing Media Ignore the Gosnell House of Horrors

Alfonzo Rachel explains how the right-wing blew it when it comes to the Kermit Gosnell case. (Yes, you do need to watch the whole video, take notes, and get out there to do what he says we should have done!)

(H/T ConservativeVideos.com and Alfonzo Rachel)


  • Good on you mate!

  • That was dumb. He’s talking about cartoon characters and caricatures, not actual liberals. Though, I bet conservatives salivate at this guys fairy tales about what liberals believe because it fits the stereotype.

    • Maybe we watched different videos… Or maybe you didnt like what you heard… I recently told a girl about her boy friend who was cheating on her, and she turned her back and said she didn’t want to hear it.