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“We’re Not Liars.We’re Just Idiots”

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  1. No. They’re liars. You can spin this from hell to breakfast and at the end of the day the facts are still the same…they lied through their teeth, they’re still lying and they will continue to lie.

  2. Idiots….

    Not Liars, Idiots.

    Oh there’s a relief. Oh that’s better.

    And here I thought we had some corruption going on!

    This debacle is VERY important to me and very important to all intelligent Americans – it ain’t going away because I vow to keep bring it up in my Legislators FACES! (If for some idiot reason they get milk-toast about it).

    Obie continues to demonstrate his contempt for American thru his progressive, collective, Socialist State Agenda. Benghazi, and now Marines holding umbrellas are all part and parcel to the same objective “…fundamentally changing America!” In Fact every scandal we have and will discover are ALL the simple outcropping of this very mentality – We are expendable tools of the State! Four individual lives meant nothing to the obsessive campaigning that is STILL going on! We are, none of us, individuals. We all belong to the State and who is the State? – that G.D. Fraud! That mud-hut Tyrant who has no proof he is even a natural born American.

    “…fundamentally changing America!” – Obie

    If he succeeds we can all expect to see individual freedom and individual human life sink to “expendable”!

    Yeah! Chicago Jesus, “goin’ save us all! Hal-a-loooo ya! Thaink-Cuoooo JESUS!!!

    None of this is plain ol’ idiocy and they know it. We are the idiots for letting it go on THIS LONG!!”