USAF Vet Offers National Cemetery Plot To Dead Boston Bomber

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  • I don’t care what the rules say,he shouldn’t be buried here period,especially not in a cemetary reserved for vets. What is this woman thinking? This guy is a muslim terrorist from Russia.Why don’t they send him back there where his family is or in a potter’s field? Disgraceful.

    • Sounds as tho Julie is shell shocked. I do believe she needs to see the military shrinks. Its a mental thing and please don’t let her buy a gun.

  • She doesn’t _have_ a plot in any of the National Cemeteries. When you die, if you’re a veteran, they will bury you in the nearest one _if_ they still have room. The only way you get a guaranteed plot is if your spouse pre-deceases you and is already buried in a National Cemetery – you will be buried in the same plot, with your casket on top of your spouses, and your information added to the front of the tombstone (spouses info. goes on the back).

    There are rules for who can be buried there, and non-veteran mass murderers don’t get in, period.

    • Thank you Rich. Will sleep better knowing that there are no jihadist next to our great military guys.