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The “progressive” Agenda for America

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  1. Well done, Michael! We are so swamped with issues it’s great to have someone ‘sort it’ out for us.

    I have to wonder if all of these ‘good little progressive soldiers’ realize how expendable they themselves are??? When their part of the progressive ‘mission’ is done they will as well

    Our tolerance, contentment & in pathetic laziness we have been unwitting participants in paving this road to slavery. And you are so right, it can’t be undone overnight.

    The Conservatives must find & focus on something even more valuable than all the ‘freebies’ to flip the thinking of those under educated.

    And SECURE OUR BORDERS to prevent more illegal voters

  2. Very Chilling, Michael…

    While some of us know our enemy, I hope more Americans who, at their core, love our country and our way of life, will know as well.

    I have come to the conclusion that Benghazi and the Marine Umbrella incident both demonstrate – in real time, just what you are describing; This isn’t theory or wild imaginings any more! (Even that Lime-ball Piers Morgan recognizes the “vaguely tyrannical” behavior of this administration). We the People no longer exist in their estimation. They already consider all of us their “charge”. We belong to the State – a few “technical” details (like Congress, Gun ownership, and a “surprising” resistance to their corruption) not withstanding. “Oh what difference does it make…” -(Hillary Clinton) says it all, doesn’t it? The four lives lost in Benghazi were expendable to the cause. Those heroes were nothing more than tools to be used and thrown aside like so many Cue-Tip swabs to these Elitist, Narcissists, Expert Politicians. No different was the blatant and I believe deliberate mis-use of Marines to hold umbrellas! Obie goes to a foreign country and doesn’t defend American and Her Constitution (in particular 2A) because “…what difference does it make…” is indeed their attitude toward our Nation and our Constitution. They envision these to be already gone – obsolete – “… fundamentally changed…” and by 2016 Obie will be the permanent “Chairman” of the “Democratic Socialist State of America”!!

    It ought to scare the living Hell out of all of us! But, of course, like those living under the Dam with a crack in it, it’s too horrible and we just want to rationalize it away. Stop it! As unimaginable as we like to think this is, it Clearly IS!

    They are now waiting for the final Event Horizon – be it an economic implosion or all out civil war or what ever – again, scandals and corruption charges not withstanding.

    Our Ballroom days are over. We cannot eat, drink, and be merry anymore. We have to fight, first on the grounds of our 1A and if that fails then with the horror of 2A.

    I believe (and I hope) they have made a strategic error. I believe they thought the plums were ripe when things seem to be proving it really isn’t! Not that they will give up now that they’ve pulled the trigger. I see a change coming about. I see small victories here and there. And maybe, just maybe, I see an awakening! Maybe one day we will look back and realize the elections (if you want to call them that) of Berry Obie turned out to be a good thing because it triggered a recurrence that was non-violent and put American back in the hands of We the People. But we can never sleep again. The whole world is on this path and until freedom loving people everywhere see US, on the shining hill, fighting for our life, liberty and happiness, they may not have any hope of freeing themselves from their bondage. As frightening as this is, this could be a special and hope turning point in history.

    I would rather be DEAD than a slave!

    Thank you for your chilling words; dread FEAR can be a good thing.

    Derrell Poole