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The Mainstream Media Protect their Comrades

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  1. Obama is the one who told Penetta and Hillary to not allow any U.S. soldiers to step foot on Islamic land. That is Obama’s intention and that is to prevent any Muslims from being killed by a U.S. soldier, with his attitude as the Middle Eastern people’s have, “Haven’t American soldiers killed enough of our people?” That’s why as soon as a government in Iraq was formed, a All Muslim government that adopted Shiria as their law, ordered all American soldiers out of the country!. It wasn’t Obama who argued with the Iraqi government to allow at least a small group of American soldiers stay to finish building the schools, hospitals, and seeing to it that the gains by Iraqi women were not taken from them. Do you think that was NOW that demanded the rights of the women be respected after all they had gained since America freed them from the hands of the boys club Islam? No way.

    But Obama did make sure that it was a few as could be left and still get the job done, and firm dates that the rest would be leaving. The Iraqi government agreed, but they didn’t like it. They pretty much had to because our military was using the international women’s rights organization out of the U.N. to make sure they wouldn’t go back on their word, not Obama. If it had been up to him women’s rights would have gone back a thousand years like where the men are all the time.

    Obama will never go back on his word. He will never give in. He will never agree with anyone who doesn’t agree with him. Once recently a fellow student of his from Harvard was found and asked about what Obama was like. He said that if you opposed Obama on anything he believed in he would think you were “EVIL”! That explains alot about his parculiar behavior when it comes to his weird meetings with so called Republican leaders. He thinks he’s sitting in the middle of a bunch of demons and it makes him feel strong. The guy is screwed up.

  2. The MSM has done nothing but speed up the demise of true journalism. They have forfeited their constitutional rights under the 1st Amendment in their quest for socialism. Instead of being the watchdog of government they became the lapdog of it. As far as they are concerned the truth is not relevent if it doesn’t fit the party line.