Texas student speaks the truth on education, gets kicked out of class

By | May 10, 2013

Jeff Bliss, I tip my hat to you, young man!

This kid is AMAZING!

Yes, he IS indeed pointing out the obvious! This kid is right… this IS the future of this nation! It IS his future, it IS his country!

We wonder why our education system is the way it is? We wonder why kids have no interest in learning? Jeff Bliss tells his teacher EXACTLY why! He very calmly, yet very passionately tells his teacher she has to get kids excited about learning rather than passing out packets every day, and she kicks him out of class! This kid is awesome!

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2 thoughts on “Texas student speaks the truth on education, gets kicked out of class

  1. L.E. Liesner

    The saying “to anger a conservative tell him a lie, to anger a liberal tell him the truth” seems to fit in this case. It behooves the liberals to keep the populace stupid, that’s their base electorate.

    1. Bernard

      Conservatives are the reason why the kids are getting packets, because giving a quality education to every kid in America is what conservatives call “socialism.” Quality costs money, money comes from taxes, and if you spend all of that money on weapons you won’t have any left to educate the kids. Texas is the most conservative state in US, and that is exactly why Texas is where this kid is complaining about the quality of the education.

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