State university to hold gay-themed graduation

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  • I want to be able to socialize only with white Christian, Conservative, heterosexual, family/people. So maybe it is time to stop trying to force people to live together and accept each other. Let them make their little groups. All they are doing is alienating the very people that they will need in the future. I stopped trying to be nice a long time ago when everything became a race issue with blacks and gays thought that coming out was so important. We know you are gay when we meet you, why do you have to make a point of telling the world? I AM A WHITE CHRISTIAN…I AM A HETEROSEXUAL…Do you see us out there screaming it from the rooftops. Geez! I am putting on my resume from now on that I am a White, Christian, heterosexual, Conservative, family oriented, male! Will work only for same! See how dumb that sounds??? How far would I get? How far will these different groups go with these types of attitudes? What will they do once they get everything they want? They will come up with something else to force down our throats because people who can’t live everyday in peace and acceptance are troublemakers, or pot stirrers if you will. They thrive on the drama.