Reformation Project seeks church acceptance of gay lifestyle

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  • Gay folks they are hear to stay. No matter what you do, that is a FACT. Lets keep our minds on getting rid of the worst president the USA has ever had. He is the one that is ruining our USA w/ his stupid choices. Don’t let the liberals take our goals away from us by printing stories that are useless and getting our attention to something that has been around since time began. (almost) Lets get the AH out of the WH, and these conversations will be nil.

    • Granny, yep sure gay folks are here to stay and have always existed. But that doesnt mean it’s a non-issue. Society is experiencing change. The definition of marriage is being loosened. Accordingly, expectations of monogamy are reducing. And from a Christian point of view, it’s troubling to see the Bible misrepresented.
      Changing the president is unlikely to solve all of this.