Questions Remain After 7 Arrested For Trespassing

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  • Robin, How nice of you to check for spelling instead of content. Spelling isn’t my long suit, guess I’m more of a thinker. thanks

  • Waiting to see if they try something in Texas, Florida or some other conservative area.

  • Well, EJ, this is certainly ‘breaking news’ in my part of the country. Seems even FOX missed it. I’m not a great believer in coincidences so am more angered than puzzled that the muzzle has been put on this ‘event’.

    Even a pea brain knows how vital water is, & a slightly mature pea knows that a great deal of concern has been expressed that these reservoirs provide a soft target for rapid massive damage.

    Obviously, we weren’t meant to ‘discover’ the event Now that we do know about it, are we to believe that these 7 experts in chemical engineering were just looking for peace & quite to discuss a new ‘secret sauce or diet cola formula?

    It appears the this part of the Country is rapidly becoming a nurturing bed for those ‘foreign interest’ bent on destroying us. We know that it is the center for liberalism or is this a ‘coincidence’ as well??

    Thanks & please keep us posted on developments

    • It is simple: one question = Are you Muslim? If the answer is yes it should be followed by deportation and/or prosecution for aggravated attempted terrorism! Peiod! POLITICAL CORRECTNESS IS KILLING US!!!!

    • I believe you meant ‘Quiet’ not Quite