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Piers Morgan On Obama Scandals: “This Is Vaguely Tyrannical Behavior”

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  1. Derrell Poole says:

    Oh, whine, whine, whine…

    Somebody kicked sand in the face of my righteous perceptions!

    Whimper, whine, whimper, whimper…

    “…I never want them (those extremist, gun toting, right wing nuts) to be right”

    Yeah? Well, I Never want the government in the hands of a Tyrant! I never want the government meddling with my individual rights. I never want to be a slave!”

    I wish we could just hope for something and somehow it just magically happens!


    Emo! You are living under the dam with a huge crack in it and you call it “vaguely tyrannical”? – oh, maybe the voices of reality were right! YOU will never be on my side, Piers! Stick to your foolishness!!

    BTW; “Why does anyone need an AR-15?” The proper answer (ESPECIALLY to you) is NONE OF YOUR G.D. BUSINESS!

    Go Home!!

  2. DavidR says:

    A new update in the libtards handbook must have come out to say this. And this morn coming from where he does, should have known about tyranny when it came to his King! Now, don’t you have a log to go catch Piers?

    • DavidR says:

      Excuse me my keys king, Moron!

      • DavidR says:

        Holy hell! What hell is going on with my keyboard here? Excuse me my keys are sticking and the page is flipping, Moron is what I meant to say!