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One thought on “Obama Should Have Learned From Jefferson

  1. Jerry T

    Chris, Thomas Jefferson held a firm position of both thruth and character as di all the men of that time including many of the women such as Abigail Adams.

    As I have stated in the past with regard to Obama’s direction and governence of our country, absolutely no one can be this stupid. to quote Jefferson ‘The coward is much more exposed to quarrels than the man of spirit.’ Ya Think, did we all watch Obama’s last news conference? You can never cover lies upon lies upon lies, then take shots at those who do the masking. Pretty soon your media minions will throw up their hands and shout to the world… This fraud has nothing on to cover his ass, He is as naked as a jay bird, the king is with out cloths. Truth be told Obama couldn’t lead a boy scout troop. You see that mountain over there, well that’s everything we have covered up for him over the past five years. Obama hasn’t reached the level of Deity yet but you can’t tell Obama that. It is rather obvious that he is driven by those delusions. He will remove anything with a government odor that suggests a higher power over his rule, including our Constitution.

    Chris you are right to state the truth that our founding fathers were brilliant people, because they were. They were gifts to our planets future. Obama is a gift as well in that he is a lesson. He shows those of us who want to listen how easy it is to fall prey to a darker humanity if we do not remain vigilant to our liberties and our freedoms. To our core principles so established in our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. All of which were framed sighting the ten simple rules of God. Jerry T

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