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One thought on “Lame Duck Or Just Lame

  1. Jerry T

    Chris the truth be told it is a shame for this man as our President to suggest to graduating college class that America is simply an experiment. He is not lame he is a pathetic person with out an ounce of dignity in himself. He is a vile unpatriotic leader just heaped in disgust for what America represents in terms of freedom and liberty. He distorts and demeans what is good while he comforts the evil doers of this world.
    Benghazi is a perfect example of what he represents as a leader. Shade the truth with lies shouted from every pulpit on the world stage. What kind of a leader would turn his back on brave Americans, then go to bed to fly off to snuggle with the hollywood bunch? No real leader would do that and our enemies know that. As his second Miss Fit Hillary put it, “What difference does it make anyway?”

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