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JCPenney is back – JCP is out

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  1. Ok, JC Penny has moved away from the edge of the cliff…aha if only we could do the same with our Nation’s CEO!!

    John, you’re on the money! Easter 2012 finished our business with them

  2. pennys can fool themselves over why they lost sales, blaming their one price policy. the reason they lost sales is because of their blatant support and advertising of homosexuals.
    displaying and advertising with two lesbians on mother’s day and two homosexual males on father’s day was not only disgusting, but it was the straw that broke the camels back.

    • I don’t shop at any store that carries foreign made clothing. Its inferior, sizes are not correct, sewing is terrible, designs suck. Do not care what their beliefs are. Do not check every store to see what they are doing, unless they contributed to BO’s campaign, like AARP. I believe in our Constitution and the “right to choose”, on how people choose a path to their own lives. However, muslims can go home to camel land & do what they want & that goes for hispanics too.

      • Yeah Racism!!!!!

      • Bringing the sweat shops back to the USA is not racism. Expecting good quality for money spent on clothes is not racism. They hire 10 yr. olds to make clothes in foreign countries and expect those children to perform like an adult. Of course you are a liberal & do not care that children are used by those sweat shops. You must be a racist BIV10, liberal, muslim, illegal & care not about others.