If the IRS can plead the 5th, so can American Citizens in an Audit!

By | May 22, 2013

If Lois Lerner can plead the 5th Amendment, the American citizens should have the same Constitutional right! We are told that paying taxes is “voluntary“. So the next time you are audited by the IRS, take Lois Lerner’s example, and tell them you have not done anything wrong, and you are invoking your Constitutional right to plead the 5th. Continue by telling them that you understand since you are invoking your right to the 5th Amendment, they probably assume you are guilty of a crime, but you are not. Due to the fact that one of the basic functions of the 5th Amendment is to protect innocent individuals, that is the protection you are invoking. Conclude by telling them that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says paying taxes is “voluntary”, so you will not be answering any questions from them!

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