If The Boston Terrorist Was a “Mazel Tov” Cheering Jew, He Would Have Been Executed Immediately

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  • in case you have not noticed obums agenda is to kill whitey not His Muslim brothers that he promised to stand by.

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  • Dear Jesus: do not let these mentally incapable people get gun permits… We will have more killing. These are the ones not making intelligent & rational statements. I always notice that a lot of these protesters are illegals, or they might be jahadists. Just wonder if BO pays these people to carry these signs. Libtards & losers. May death solve all their problems.

    • Notice all May Day protestors either protest against money–they use in big numbers to protest–or they are illegal aliens or legal immigrants who support illegal immigration for its purpose–take us over and conquer

  • Nick Fortunato

    Does anyone still doubt that Barack HUSSEIN Soetoro wants to destroy this country….. He is accomplishing singlehandedly what Communist North Korea, Vietnam, China and the USSR couldn’t accomplish…he even brought two Communists right into the government. His grandparents were Communists, his mentor was a communist, he was endorsed by the Communist party. Hillary is waiting in the wings, should not Obama declare martial law and become emperor of the country.

    • Exactly Nick! Jarret and Axelrod–2 mentored and well-taught communists trained by Frank Marshall Davis, one of the most vicious anti-American communists of the 20th century. And to think our President was trained and mentored by him is pretty scary as well as repugnant to the Constitution and our founding. And too many people are not questioning this.

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