Feds Back Away from Health Care State Payments During Bridge Year

By | May 6, 2013

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One thought on “Feds Back Away from Health Care State Payments During Bridge Year

  1. Derrell Poole

    Have you ever wondered why medicine is so expensive in the first place? I realize medical education is expensive (and why is that?). I realize medical research is expensive. I realize medical tools equipment and facilities are expensive. But what about lawyers? Are they expensive? Are Pharmaceuticals expensive? Are Medical Lobbyists expensive? Are insurance companies expensive?

    Yes! Yes, we all realize it is expense. And we just accept that!

    But is all of that really as expensive as we just accept it all to be?

    Have you ever thought about how it uses to be? You got sick, the doctor came to your house and you paid him with a few chickens! How did it come from that to THIS?! Is not this the true miracle of medicine – that you can become filthy rich upon the suffering of others; it isn’t like being sick is an option! Oh sure there is optional behavior that makes us sick, but really? “You” deserve all that money in order to make me better or “save” my life? Maybe you do…

    I know I deserve a lot more money for what I do. But it just doesn’t happen – I got no lobbyists in DC!

    Seems to me that a better use of our tax dollars by the Fed. Gov. is to stop trying to perpetuate the retailed end of medicine and work on the manufacturing and wholesale end in the form of subsidies, help, and yes, a bit of house cleaning. I know this is encroaching on the corporate world and all their rich buddies but gov. ain’t about the corporate and rich buddies. We pay too much for medicine either thru insurance or medicaid or what ever!

    I don’t have the answers and I don’t know how it all works but my simple pea brain tells me when your product costs so much the public cannot pay for it without some kind of assistance then that ain’t capitalism – that is extortion!!

    We are at the WRONG END of the PROBLEM! (Too many people, who have no grounds to do so, are getting rich at our suffering!)


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