COEXIST is Not for Me!

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  • My DNA doesn’t reflect any flecks of surrender, submission or slavery, so I’ll just pass the invite to sit around the fire & sing kumbiya* ub their key.
    Humans are an odd lot & often don’t realize the full value of what they have until someone is set to hijack it…but then will rise & fight like hell to keep it. We are willing to ‘share’ but expect the would be thief to say please while waiting for the ok.

    There was a Russian philosopher in the late 1800’s that said: “The strongest weapon to defeat your enemy is to create another enemy”…it seems that’s what is being done to our beloved country…Let’s turn the tables on them & let them feed off of each other.

    Outstanding job, Joe

  • Amen Mr Messina. I refuse to coexist in this world w/ muslim jihadists. The killers of women & children. Marriage to underage girls. Their whole outlook is to kill we legal citizens. Just who in God’s name invited them to our USA. They weren’t happy w/ just killing, raping, & robbing in their own country. So no, I do not want them here & when they come to my home w/ bad intent. They will be dead.