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One thought on “Are None of Them of Value

  1. Derrell Poole

    Amen WW!

    Add to that a President who is STILL Campaigning against our Nation, our freedom and our Constitution – in Foreign Countries! (It is Eric Holders fault that Mexicans are being killed by American guns, not law abiding Americans!) As far as I’m concerned this fraudulent president (who bought, wrangled, and intimidated votes to get reelected and who STILL refuses to prove his citizenship by hiding behind a phony BC)is a blatant Traitor! It is hard to be a traitor in this country. The Constitution pretty much limits that to aiding an enemy of the nation (you know, like the Arab Nations) and conspiring against the United States by telling the Mexican People that it is our Constitution’s fault that violence is in their land!! He disobeys Court Orders. He refuses to enforce laws Congress passes and instead makes up his own laws! Not only is he a Traitor he is in violation of his oath to execute his office according to the constitution!

    I think the authors of our founding documents would be utterly shocked!

    I know I am – every day!


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