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2 thoughts on “A New Kind Of Politician

  1. Jerry T

    Chris the way I see it our government is full of “Eunich’s.” I looked it up, it was a Chinese thing. They served the emporer. They can rise to very high positions in government and they are usually very unhappy with their gender of origin. They keep their balls in a bag so that when they die they can be entombed with one another again. This is a fact that is in every way dead on to how it works in this administration and with todays American media.

    However there was some misinterpretation with old chinese burial techniques in reuniting the male components with the original owners. The Chinese definition was a bit grey in the old language. It sort of implied to place the sacks between the cheeks just in front of the hole. As I said it was grey so todays undertakers started placing them on the deceased’s chin. The way I see it this is catagoricly, undeniably and indisputably 100% correct..

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