Why ammo is getting so expensive

By | April 27, 2013

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3 thoughts on “Why ammo is getting so expensive

  1. carter

    Interesting article, of course they had to end it with a plug to buy gold.

  2. Jay Dee

    Minor technical details. Brass cases are nickel plated, not a nickel alloy. Also, steel cases are finding increasing acceptance.

  3. Rex Crouch

    Unethical contracting in DHS is another reason. In addition to the 1.6 billion round IDIQ contract, DHS has also been conducting individual purchases of tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition they have no need for. Some examples are .22 cal long and 7.62 X 31. If anyone thinks civil law enforcement has a Bonafide Need (technical term in federal contracting) for squirrel guns and Russian weapons, you are living in a delusion. In addition to these ammunition purchases for guns they don’t own, DHS is using J&As to purchases ten million rounds per contract on sole-source (aka NO BIDS) contracts. If you think what is happening is harmless and to blame on Americans, you’re wrong.

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