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5 thoughts on “Welcome to the Hotel Mexifornia

  1. John

    It is the owners property and he is not breaking the law, what is the problem?!!
    If you dont like it dont go, simple!
    I bet if it was a European flag next to the American flag people would not say a thing!

  2. Jon

    This reminds me of the time I went to an Irish bar and demanded that he take down the Irish flag, cause this is ‘merica, and we are not allowed to be proud of our heritage!

  3. Elais

    This is utter BS!!! Go Google images of this hotel! I knew the second I saw this it was not the central dome! The US Flag is center stage on the hotel! The CA State flag and Mexican Flag are to the sides and much lower on smaller domes! STOP taking misleading pics and making up stories to spread an agenda of hate.

    1. Michael J. Fell Post author

      The reported incident took place on Wednesday, April 3, 2013. Was the picture on Google images from date or from several years ago? Based on what’s quite possibly a years old photo found on Google images you’re going to completely discount the eye-witness reports of April 3, 2013? You’re also going to deny the responses given by the hotel on April 3 as well as back in 2008?

      Stop smearing an accurate report with your weak attempt at emotional blackmail.

  4. Jan Brown

    Well, Teresa, it is ‘California’ after all I have no idea what Brandon’s age is, but if under 30, this is probably what he was taught in school. “History” is being changed across the Country & I understand that Arizona & Texas also really belong to Mexico. Wonder where theGeneral Manager figures in this.

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